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Saturday, 11 June 2016

Paradox news for June...

It's that time again to keep you updated to what's been happing recently in the sim....

Our TARDIS Lift has once again been updated, hopefully it's more fun to use and bug free, still a work in progress, it now has 38 destinations to choose from.

The Rent a Vendor has arrived in the market, need somewhere to sell your stuff in Second Life? Then try these, only $L30 per week for your very own vendor holding upto 60 items to sell, easy setup, give me a shout if you get stuck.

We have some small cottages to let down at the Quay (with a 30 prim allowance), rent one and help towards the sims running costs.

Torchwood 7 base is now up and running.


For a short while at various locations throughout the island you may come across a Prize Sentry, these are set to payout randomly to group members (so wear your tag) as a loyalty incentive.

The Pirate Bay has an ongoing 'Magic Fishing' contest, so nip down and grab a free rod from the vendor to earn yourself some linens. 'The Seven Seas' contest will also randomly be started with cash prize fund, not advertised so keep checking the location.

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