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A perfect place to start your Doctor Who role-playing, take the TARDIS to numerous locations (including a public console room) in time and space.
Meet other Whovians and have a thoroughly nice time, but watch out for the Daleks.
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Saturday, 11 April 2015

Galaxy Bowl

Paradox now has it's own Bowling alley

How to Play
  • Touch The Ball Rack & Select The Color Ball You Want To Use.
  • Find The Ball In Your Inventory Under The Recent Tab And Select Wear.
  • Press The Mouselook Button On The Bottom Center Of Your Screen.
  • Use mouse look to aim ball, hold The Left Mouse button down and release, the longer you hold  the button down the more power you give the ball.
  • The Ball You Get Only Works With The Lane You Got It From.
  • Each player gets 2 balls unless they knock all the pins down with their first ball then it would be the next players turn, the score will show in floating text for each frame. 
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