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Saturday, 4 January 2014

New to Paradox Island for January....

New things are happening in Paradox, first up is the Galactic Truck Stop, which can be found on the 'TARDIS' teleporters.

Paintball has arrived, players can click on the base point and take a free gun. Once they have the gun attached to their avatar they can click on the base point again to activate their gun and join in a game. If there gun is not active they will not accept any damage or be able to fire there guns. When there gun is active they will be able to fire the gun and will accept damage from incoming paintballs. The health of the player is indicated in text above there gun.
Please use only against opponents wearing another paint-gun, griefers will be ejected. 

Pirate Bay has another fishing contest from Neo-Realms, adding to 7seas and Fish Hunt, regular cash contests are constantly being set up.

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