Welcome to the website for Paradox Island, the oldest Doctor Who sim in Second Life.

A role-playing sim for popular fantasy time-travel fans, and is a constantly changing world set in a 'paradox bubble' created after the Time War.
A perfect place to start your Doctor Who role-playing, take the TARDIS to numerous locations (including a public console room) in time and space.
Meet other Whovians and have a thoroughly nice time, but watch out for the Daleks.
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Saturday, 22 March 2014

UNIT on the alert

New to Paradox, is our new combat system, you can collect your free HUD and weapons from the 'Dark Tower' or the combat base in the 'Wasteland.

Defeat the Mummies that are guarding the Pyramid
The Wasteland has been invaded by some nasty little critters
see how many you can destroy
Coming soon.... Quests

Sunday, 16 March 2014

Paradox happenings in March

The Temple of Karn has returned to the sim.
We are now supporting 'Relay for Life', please help with a donation.
Club Paradox is now up and running,
the 24/7 party location,
choose songs from a choice of 100's to be added to the play list,
you can also click the dance sign for a selection of animations.

The Pirate Bay, has two fishing contest running, so pop down
and see if you can catch that ever elusive gumblejack.
All these locations are available via the TARDIS teleporters, situated around the island.

Monday, 10 March 2014

Club Paradox is now open

New to the island is Club Paradox, with all day music and dancing, well there is if you start it, our jukebox is playing constant music for your listening pleasure, drop in for a barby or a chat, and watch out for that monkey dropping coconuts.
Any DJ's wanting to use the venue contact me (via notecard, as all my messages get capped).

Friday, 7 March 2014

Whats new in Paradox for March

A few of the latest locations added to the island...

One of the underground tunnels has been blocked by UNIT,
all members of the public are aked to keep away.
Yeti in the Underground
to celebrate the release of the 'Web of Fear'
Our public console
The 'Hurt' TARDIS is back...with added swimming pool
New Pompeii
Our ancient section of Roman Pompeii has had a makeover
New to Paradox
We now have a Heliport and the TARDIS ride is now
set amongst the 'singing' stones.
The Bio Dome
New to the Starbase is the Bio Dome, with its own unique weather system

Featured post

Bring your own Oxygen

Paradox now has its own Space Staion, check out your TARDIS databank for 'Paradox Station'.