Welcome to the website for Paradox Island, the oldest Doctor Who sim in Second Life.

A role-playing sim for popular fantasy time-travel fans, and is a constantly changing world set in a 'paradox bubble' created after the Time War.
A perfect place to start your Doctor Who role-playing, take the TARDIS to numerous locations (including a public console room) in time and space.
Meet other Whovians and have a thoroughly nice time, but watch out for the Daleks.
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Saturday, 19 May 2012

All Change for Paradox North

Our underground train network is now running between Coalhill Subway and the new station of Pardox North
Visit Location

Monday, 7 May 2012

Free Novelli TARDIS HUD - Basic

Novelli TARDIS HUD plus Smith Mesh PB exterior

COPY ONLY version of the full retail HUD supplied with Novelli exteriors and will not recieve updates.

This exterior is also not compatible with the NN TARDIS Toolkit
  • Rezzes a TARDIS exterior around you on TP
  • Auto Dematerialises when you leave the area
  • Flight enabled
  • Preset Destinations or just TP via landmarks and SLURLs
  • 100% Mesh
Available from Second Life Marketplace and at the shop on Paradox Island.

Friday, 4 May 2012

Hartnell Rack Unit and Drawer Unit from NN

Hartnell Rack Unit 
Featured in the early Dr Who episodes 'The Space Museum' and 'The Chase'
We affectionately call it 'Deliah Derbyshire's Boom Box'
Order from the Novelli Noir Store on marketplace

Hartnell Drawer Unit
Featured in the early Dr Who episodes 'The Space Museum' and 'The Chase'
Order from Second life Marketplace

Both items are also available at the NN shop on Paradox Island.

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Hartnell Mesh Exterior from Novelli Noir

100% Mesh PB - Fully Working

Land Impact Value = 22

Compatible with the NN Tardis Toolkit


    Lockable doors.
    Auto Demats to prevent littering if you leave the area.
    Lifetime guaranteed updates via a Hippo Update Server.
    Flight Enabled.

    Order from Second Life Marketplace or from the Shop on Paradox Island

    Wednesday, 2 May 2012

    My Little Tennant Console from Novelli Noir

    A treat for all you Time Ponies out there.  We've gone and put out a My Little Pony Tennant Console.  Created in 100% mesh by Zaros Xue and Kealani Jupiter, this build comes packed with lots of fun features including a neat skin changer option based on the main characters.
    • Only 170 Land Impact
    • Skin changer representing the 6 main characters
    • 15m X 15m footprint
    • Free Updates via web server
    • NN HUD and Mesh Pony Tennant Exterior Included
    View in the demo rezzer on Paradox

    Order from Second Life Marketplace

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    Bring your own Oxygen

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